Sounds of Universe was a eagerly awaited album by Depeche Mode‘s. It was the year 2009 and the expectations, for the fans of the English band that certainly doesn’t need presentations, were very strong. The single preceding the album was Wrong. Written by Martin Lee Gore and sung entirely by Dave Gahan, but featuring Gore’s choirs at the end of the song. Depeche Mode had already presented a “snippet” of the track Olympiastadion in Berlin on October 6, 2008 when the new album was announced.

Wrong Video


The impact

Wrong is a track of immediate impact instantly striking the listener. The almost obsessive rhythm and the redundant repetition of the word Wrong nearly become a torment for the listener. But if at first glance it would appear to be a lament, the confession of those who have always made wrong choices in life, in reality the lyrics conceal a complaint to the modern society. There is a struggle in this complaint of those who try to get out of chains and cliches that society imposes and therefore. Not always being on the “wrong side” is a mistake. This is symbolized, in the famous video, by the driver of the car wearing a mask, trapped in a fate against which anyway he fights.

Wrong Music: sound effects you don’t expect

Talking about music, in the song is noticeable the Depeche Mode imprint. Well groomed sounds and synths that gradually stratify with the development of the song. For the most curious, on the web is plenty of clips showing the various “experiments” made in the studio to reach the different sounds used in the album, it’s surprising how they got some sounds.
From a band as emblazoned as Depeche Mode you expect cutting-edge and expensive instrumentation, but watching the videos we know it’s not true, in fact, to produce some sound effects they used bottles, coins, baskets for fruit, and other everyday objects.