Not everyone knows that the song we remember together today is a beautiful dedication of love, but is also spiced up with one of the most beautiful rock solos ever: Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. The lyrics of the song were written by Axl Rose in 1988 and dedicated, in fact, to his at the time girlfriend Erin Everly. Being the third single on their first studio album Appetite for Destruction, the song was born during a studio rehearsal session from a simple warm-up exercise by Slash (band’s guitarist); within an hour, a simple exercise turned into what would become one of the most famous rock pieces ever. Legend has it that it took Axl only 5 minutes to make the song lyrics.

What they say…

Slash said about Sweet Child O’ Mine:

“It was a riff I had been playing with for some time before, trying to put all the notes in order. We were sitting in a living room in the pre-production phase of Appetite For Destruction. It was just a bit of a fun thing to do then Izzy Stradlin started playing chords and I heard the vibe of the song coming. Axl probably heard us from the bedroom upstairs because the next day he asked us to start playing that riff again in the rehearsal room. We did it and he already had the words and that’s how it became a song”.

The beauty of contrast in Sweet Child O’ Mine

The beauty of this piece is that the music and in particular its arrangement (a typical power ballad) seems not to be very romantic but in reality the lyrics are a true declaration of love. At least the best that any girl could expect from a guy like Axl Rose. It is 37th in the world rankings of Guitar World among the hundred best songs with guitar solos, and 198th in the rankings of best songs ever compiled by the famous magazine Rolling Stone. Guitar in this track is the unquestionable queen.