Is it possible to turn a Sanremo’s Festival success into an international hit? With Our Song, Cbs tried it, entrusting the task a young Robert Plant. Plant, barely nineteen, accepted the challenge. So it was that La Musica è Finita (music is over), written in 1967 by Franco Califano and Nicola Salerno on the music of Umberto Bindi became Our Song.

Made in Italy track

The song that became Our Song was played for the first time in Sanremo in 1967 by Ornella Vanoni. La musica è Finita had a very quick success and the song was awarded with the fourth place at the Festival. In Italy it never lost its artistic power, strengthened by famous reinterpretations over the years. Mina, Renato Zero and Massimo Ranieri proposed their versions, turning the song into a classic of romantic Italian song of the 60s.

The lyrics

The song of course is about love, both in the Italian version and in Our Song. A love belonging to the past, full of melancholy and poignant resignation. A woman has the opportunity to meet her former lover at a party with friends. Still in love with him, however, she will not be able to pick the chance, remaining motionless, not finding the courage to approach him. Her torment is also well described by Bindi’s music, a crescendo of pathos and melancholy. Vanoni’s powerful voice fits perfectly to such a sentimental interpretation.

The English version

For the English version, lyrics were entrusted to Anthony Clarke. Our Song was produced by Danny Kessler and Roger Bolton. English lyrics kept the original Italian meaning. The end of a love that cannot be forgotten and is turned into melancholy. Plant’s single was not very successful at its time. Now it’s a rarity and there are probably less than 800 copies in the world. This commercial operation was pretty unique and against trends. Especially in the 60s and 70s it was more common for Italian artists to import English music.

The fate of a star

But Plant liked the song. So much so that in his 2003 hits’ collection Sixty Six to Timbuctu, which traces the astonishing career of the soloist, inserts it into side B. Together with almost 40 years of Plant’s music, passing through the legendary Led Zeppelin, the song had new life and new fame.  Now is  famous in the English version too.