Pillowtalk is the debut single by British singer and songwriter Zayn Malik.

A truly explosive and winning combination from the point of view of the public, much to debut, in the album Mind of Mine, in January 2016, in first place in the UK ranking. The song, moreover, also bears the signature and sees the participation of Anthony Hannides, Michael Hannides, Joe Garrett, and its producer Levi Lennox

When the image is important too

To increase even more the popularity of this song was the video. Under the direction of Bouha Kazmi, the videoclip stars the American model Gigi Hadid. Many really graphic effects are used, with almost kaleidoscopic implications. Sensual but always maintaining a great artistic expression, this video was premiered on Youtube on January 29, 2016. In November 2017, it received more than 770 million visits on Youtube only. Pillowtalk, also from the point of view of the videoclip is a song with big numbers.


Composition and music 

Pillowtalk moves, on a musical level, in the thin line between R & B alternatives and pop R & B. It certainly represents a great change of course for the young Zayn. We can not forget that before debuting as a soloist with this single, despite his young age, he already boast of great successes along with the famous boyband One Direction. But it is from that kind of music that Zayn seems to want to move away, to affirm his own personality, no doubt more mature. Pillowtalk  was written in common time in the major B key, with a moderate rate of 126 beats per minute. The verses are centered around the chords of E major and F major, with the vocal melody in the pentatonic verses.

Zayn’s vocal performance is amazing and it’s clear the tenor vocal range. He can use his voice in soft lines same that in the explicit  content in the chorus. That’s the way this young singer song the pain that come when you follow in love.