We have already stated how popular country music is, especially in the US. Today we are talking about Frozen Heart, a song by George Jones, an artist considered one of the most important players of American country music, almost a legend.


A life of true country man

George Jones is Texan in everything and everything. His passion for music begins at a very early age and when he is 7 he get his first guitar. At the age of 16 he runs away from home and performs on various radios. At 19 he is already married but the wedding only lasts a little and he, to overcome his disappointment, enlists in the Marines. It was only in 1953 that producer Pappy Daily’s discovered his talent. He will route him to a long and constant success. George Jones, who unfortunately died on 26 April 2013 at the age of 81, had a career going back decades. Considering also that in the 80’s, after a bad period under alcoholism he had a new revival. We can really talk about him in terms of legend of the country music. 14 of his tracks reached the top of country standings. The first one White Lighting in 1959, the last in 1983 I always get Lucky with you.

George Jones

George Jones


Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart is not one of his most famous songs. It’s part of 1962 album Sings from the Heart. It was written by Jones himself with Jimmy Yancey, and recorded in October 1957. Vancey was an American pianist, a pioneer of the boogie-woogie. Jones had the honor of collaborating with him before his death and his musical influence is heard very much in the track. Frozen Heart has a melancholy, typical of the western style and is a classic for those who want to learn how to play the country genre, especially because of its guitar part. Even in its words it is inspired by a love that is unfortunately over. The man feels nostalgic for the missing woman and claims her presence with melodic traits that are repetitive and restless, in a gloomy but never too deep atmosphere. The frozen heart of a cowboy will soon find comfort.