Let’s talk about one historical pop song of the eighties: Save a Prayer by Duran Duran. Published by EMI on august 9th 1982 it’s the third single taken from Rio, one of the most successful and representative album of the Birmingham band. Musically one very peculiar characteristic is the constant use of pitch bender on the riff played by Nick Rhodes’s synth. But as in many Duran Duran’s song bass guitar plays a main role in arrangement of Save a Prayer. While in most songs arrangement tends to get fuller at end either by enriching instruments’ lines or by adding newer instruments, in this case the line of bass becomes emptier and emptier going through the song.

At the beginning bass plays many ornaments but gradually these are much less and by the end of the song the line is very simple playing mainly tonics. That’s for sure one element creating the general sensation of a constant need in the atmosphere of the song. Not by chance subject of song’s lyric is a lost love looking for a new possibility, a characteristic of the New Romantic genre.

Song meaning…

The song is talking about a relationship between a man and a woman, that are looking for a new way to meet each other, but the power of the music is so strong that you easily go over the straight meaning of the worlds.

Save a Prayer became a sort of symbol after 13th November Paris attacks in 2015 as Eagles of Death Metal, the band playing at Bataclan theatre that night, previously recorded a cover version in their Zipper Down album, and fans of both bands started a powerful campaign on Facebook. The band performed live Save a Prayer together with Duran Duran against terrorism attacks.