Do you remember the Super Bowl scandal? It was 2004 and America was under shock after the “nipplegate”, a Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” in which Justin Timberlake was involved.

But on the night of February 5, 2018, the Super Bowl won by the Philadelphia Eagles. Timberlake made himself forgiven in thirteen minutes in which the star performed with all his repertoire. From Cry Me a River to “SexyBack”, up to “Filthy”, taken from the last album “Man of the Woods”.

Well, today we are shining away from our memory one of the greatest successes of the early Timberlake: Cry me a River. Everyone knows, even though the singer-songwriter has long denied it, that the song was dedicated to his at that time girlfriend Britney Spears. The very same producer, Timbaland, who also plays a part in the piece, he had finally reported on that day when Justin arrived in the studio very sulky. Reason for discontent was a phone call with Britney.

Cry Me a River is a song by Justin Timberlake. Second single from his debut album Justified on December 17, 2002. It is in the list of the 500 most beautiful songs of all time. According to Rolling Stone Magazine is at position number 484. Paradoxically, the quarrel with the beautiful Britney Spears eventually pushed Timberlake’s lucky career.


The song has a very particular instrumentation, with clavinets, guitars, synthesizers, Arabic motifs, Gregorian chants and use of beatboxing (which consists in mimicking sounds – tipically of drum machine – using the voice). Combined together, they create a mysterious and pleasant harmony.

The video

Although the singer-songwriter’s initial reticence in admitting that Cry me a River┬áis dedicated and related to Britney Spears. In the video directed by Francis Lawrence the references are evident. The blonde girl who takes a shower and notice the video with the betrayal of her partner looks very much like the queen of pop. Britney and Justin met at The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992, at the age of only 11. They were each other’s first great love. Today they still call themselves very much friends.