Writing about songs and groups like these makes you feel really inadequate. Creep, for those few who don’t know it, is the spearhead of Radiohead, the song through which, in 1992, their infinite rise began. Actually Creep was initially a flop but after the release of Pablo Honey album, which it’s part of, it became one of the most popular songs in the world.


Considering that Radiohead born in the mid-eighties and first played live in 1987, we can say that their immense talent did not take long to emerge. The band was initially called On a Friday; they met at school, and as all students, Friday was the only day they could get together to play. Their declared inspiration, especially at the beginning, was the Talking Heads. For this reason they also added sections of wind instruments in their songs.

Radiohead In Monza, photo by Corriere della Sera



It was Thom Yorke who wrote Creep. This masterpiece is born, as often happens, from a love failure. He was rejected by the girl she was in love with while studying at Exter University. Famous is the singer’s statement about Creep; he said in an interview: “There’s the beautiful people and then there’s the rest of us”. With these words he referred to the uneasy people who, even though they are in love, never manage to feel good enough.


The first time they listened to Creep, band’s producers wanted to exclude it from the album. On the one hand, they considered it too melancholic and of little impact, on the other hand they thought it was a Scott Walker‘s song cover. This is because, ironically, the band presented it as “our Scott Walker song” before playing it in the studio.

Actually the band never played it very much live, until 2001 it was not even part of the band’s live repertoire. A typical attitude of the great artists towards the world’s most successful songs such as Creep. A kind of repulsion, perhaps, of what success implies. A bit like Frank Sinatra who hated My Way, so much so that he told the BBC in an interview: I find it self-indulgent and self-debating. I don’t like it….

Radiohead last sang Creep live at Monza on June 16th, 2017……