We all know Crazy. Gnarls Barkley‘s song broke out in 2006 and became a worldwide success. It has been ranked among the best songs since the year 2000 by Rolling Stone magazine. They placing it in first place. What do we really know about this track?

Let’s start by saying that the American duo Gnarls Barkley is made up of a producer, Danger Mouse and a rapper, Cee Lo Green. Their musical union was sealed in 2004. They discovered that they had two passions in common: one for soul and the other for electronic music.

First shot success

The first single taken from St. Elsewhere’s debut album is Crazy. There was also no need for a major promotional campaign: the single sketched to the top of the i-Tunes sales charts and stayed there unchallenged for many weeks.

Words and music

Here’s the first funny curiosity: the music is inspired by  Western movies soundtracks and in particular those by the Italian Ennio Morricone. Someone said Crazy is inspired by a 1968 movie by Ferdinand Baldi, Django, prepare the coffin. Cee-Lo himself explained where the lyrics came from in an interview. In 2004 the rapper was divorcing, he had no plans, as often happens in these particular periods of life. But this state of mind allowed him to express himself in the best possible way, let himself go. The song had an almost cathartic effect.

Like all great successes

Crazy as all great successes was recorded in one take and is the result of the lucky union of the two artists. The videoclip is also peculiar. It shows Rorschach’s inkblots, those that psychologists show their patients asking them what they see represented to investigate in their personality characteristic. Here too there’s a reference to the particular phase of life that Cee-Lo was living after separation from his wife.