Joe Strummer, is best known for being one of the founders of The Clash a group that has dominated the punk rock music scene for several years.
Perhaps not everyone knows that the famous singer and excellent rhythmic guitarist and composer together with his colleague Mick Jones, is of Turkish origin. He was born in 1952 in Ankara. And for the great despair of his countless fans he died in 2002, suddenly, from heart attack.

A life without frontiers

A life without frontiers, from a very young age he moved a lot with his family: from Turkey to Mexico, passing through Germany. Journeys that certainly influenced his music, his lyrics and vision of things. At the age of 9 he moved with his family to England.
Strummer himself, in many interviews, says he always felt different, that “weird” because of the continuous displacements around the world. But it was rich in every sound. Although he initially saw music as an activity for real geniuses only, and thus felt inadequate.

But one day he saw Mick Jagger in TV, during an exhibition and from that moment everything changed. The readings, especially by Orwell, and his profound spirit of observation did the rest. The suicide of his right-wing radicalized brother David, upsets his life to the extent of leaving his home. In 1971 he became vegetarian and remained so until the end of his days.

Johnny Appleseed

This song was written by Strummer in his second musical life, when he formed The Mescaleros in 1999. His musical boldness and imprint are also clearly recognisable in this project.  Johnny Appleseed is a pacifist song, against war but its’s also a rollicking, acoustic folk story. The metaphor of bees is to mean workers or, in any case, members of the working classes. The ones that are often victims of injustice and repression. People who, even in the event of wars, are the only ones who lose out. Johnny in the song really existed and was a pioneer and religious American proto-environmentalist, famous for planting thousands of apples, seen as a symbol of altruism. An altruism a bit out of the box, like the same Strummer.
“If you need honey, don’t kill all bees….”.
A simple concept and still very contemporary.