Baby One More time, the single taken from Britney Spears’ first and homonymous album in 1998, exploded like a lightning bolt in the sky and gave Britney almost immediate global success.


Britney Spears was trained for success: she had started out very young in the entertainment world. At the age of eight, Britney Spears and her mother Lynne travelled to Atlanta to attend an audition of The Mickey Mouse Club. The casting director, Matt Cassella, told them she was too young to participate in the show (Britney was born in 1981) but introduced her to Nancy Carson, a New York agent. The Mickey Mouse Club will welcome her in 1992 at the age of 11: just the time to make her first and important experiences in musicals Off-Brodway.

Britney Spears’ Tiger Eye

When The Mickey Mouse Club closed its doors, Britney’s real challenge began. Up to the Vice President of A&R Jeff Fenster, with a demo tape recorded in a pro studio. Speaking of Spears’ audition, the man said: “It is very rare to listen to someone who at that age manages to convey so many emotions and who at the same time has such a commercial appeal. […] Motivation – the “tiger’s eye” – is extremely important to any artist. And Britney has it.”

Nobody believed there would be room for another Queen of the Pop. But Britney stunned everyone and One More Time became a world hit. The album, driven by the powerful single, reached the top of the charts in fifteen countries and sold more than ten million copies in a year. It became the best-selling album ever by a teenage artist – Britney Spears was just 17.

Britney Spears - One more time

The controversies

The song immediately sparked controversy, especially for the interpretation to be given to the word hit, where the attackers saw a sexual reference.
But it was specified that “Hit” didn’t mean “Hitting” but “calling” according to the American teenagers’ slang. The singer was begging her ex-boyfriend to call her only once more, because she was alone.
The video of Britney Spears’… Baby One More Time was shot in the high school where the filming of Grease took place. This was the starting point for Spears’ long career of ups and downs. A career often criticized because, according to many, a mother sacrificed childhood and adolescence of her daughter in search of fame and success. After years of falling and climbing today Britney, 36 years old, seems to have found emotional stability.