Yalp is the first in the World chords recognition android app based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a full access to a database of hundreds of thousands songs. Cool!

It has been a long journey but finally we did it: Yalp android mobile is live (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.yalp.app). We are very proud of it and we want to share our experience.

Everything starts with a pencil and a paper and that’s exactly how we did.

Months ago we started to draw our UI on several sheets just to keep in mind all the functionalities we wanted to implement.


Meanwhile we studied the traffic landed to our www.yalp.io website. Google Analytics is an incredible resource to access these information: Millenials technology and music lovers are our main visitors, so we focused on these specific “personas”.


Laura started designing all the wireframes to validate processes and flows.


We defined a colour palette according to our brand’s guidelines.


We reviewed logo and font.


Then we started coding. Mario was the mobile dev guy and Vincenzo (our CTO) coded all the backend API.

Test, debug and test again is the “mantra” we repeated for months to catch all the issues hided in the “java/objective-c” code. Tons of screenshots and bugs tracking documents have been created to lead all the team remotely (Milan, Rome, Lisbon & Berlin).

After several months of hard/creative work and up to 10.000 code lines we can say that all is ready for the great public.

Give it a try downloading the app and starting some “vagabond” playing.

Our “secret sauce” is a server side algorithm that analyses all the tracks and define the right chords frame by frame so don’t expect that it will work 100% of times. Keep in mind that your musically trained ear is your best friend but Yalp could be a very powerful tool to enhance your music experience and playing.

Have fun guys, feel free to send feedback to our great team.

Simone, Vincenzo, Mattia, Mario, Laura, Roberto.