Come as you are (Nevermind 1991)

Come As You Are is one of the best sellers and most representative songs of Nirvana, the grunge band par excellence led by Kurt Cobain. The single, released in 1991 and extracted from the album Nevermind. It was only surpassed by Smell Like Spirit and was included in the 500 immortal songs, according to the renowned Rolling… Read More

George Jones

We have already stated how popular country music is, especially in the US. Today we are talking about Frozen Heart, a song by George Jones, an artist considered one of the most important players of American country music, almost a legend.   A life of true country man George Jones is Texan in everything and… Read More

Tight Pants by Boozed

Composers of Tight Pants, title track of the homonymous 2005 album, are without a doubt the hottest and most promising band in Germany. I am obviously talking about the Boozed. Authentic, strong and virile sounds that merge rock music, old Rolling Stone with a hint of Ac/Dc. All harmonized with a soul sound and the… Read More

I am afraid of Americans was written in 1995 by the two colleagues/friends but was published in 1997 on Bowie’s Earthling album. And when David Bowie and Brian Eno come into play, you already know that you’ll hear great music But let’s take a small step backwards. America is a country that has always inspired Bowie,… Read More

Rodney Scott Carrington, born in 1968, is an American all-round artist: singer, actor, composer. He was born and raised in Texas. There he also performed his first works on radio as a comic actor. The origin of the comicality later found in his original songs, often used as soundtrack of his shows. As a good Texan,… Read More

Arnold George Dorsey alias Engelbert Humperdinck is an artist with a very particular career, which we want to remember. Born in Chennai in 1936, he has done most of his work in America where he has climbed the hits several times. However, remains one of the artists who selling more records in the UK. His… Read More

Free Ride is a song  written by Daniel Hearl Hartman. Danny for everyone, was an American producer, musician and singer. Born in 1950 he died in 1994 from an AIDS-related brain cancer that he had contracted years earlier. His private life remains a real mystery: he never got married, he had no children. Only when… Read More

To avoid misunderstandings let’s start by saying that Brokedown Palace is the title of many works. A 1986 novel by writer Steven Brust, a 1999 film by Johnatan Kaplan and its soundtrack. And a song written by the American band Grateful Dead. We will obviously take care of the latter: the paladins of psychedelic and… Read More

We all know Crazy. Gnarls Barkley‘s song broke out in 2006 and became a worldwide success. It has been ranked among the best songs since the year 2000 by Rolling Stone magazine. They placing it in first place. What do we really know about this track? Let’s start by saying that the American duo Gnarls… Read More

Is it possible to turn a Sanremo’s Festival success into an international hit? With Our Song, Cbs tried it, entrusting the task a young Robert Plant. Plant, barely nineteen, accepted the challenge. So it was that La Musica è Finita (music is over), written in 1967 by Franco Califano and Nicola Salerno on the music… Read More