2019 music charts

Are you interested in music trends and charts? YouTube has just published global music videos views. Here’s the list for 2019. Do you agree? Is there also the favorite song you played with Yalp? Source: Google Data, Global, Jan 1 – Nov 30 2019 Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma (Official Video)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiItGE3eAyQ ROSALÍA, J… Read More

We are very proud to announce that Yalp is now available on IFTTT. What is IFTTT? It is the free way to get all your apps and devices talking to each other. For instance you can like a music video on YouTube and IFTTT automatically sends it to Yalp to analyse chords. You’ll find liked… Read More

We all know that Jimi Hendrix is a guitar genius for different reasons. Hear the “guitar only” track of Crosstown Traffic to better understand his incredible abilities. Listen to all details Jimi plays on his guitar: it’s amazing (keep in mind that it has been recorded on 1967 in London at Olympic Studios by Mr… Read More

Yalp is the first in the World chords recognition android app based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a full access to a database of hundreds of thousands songs. Cool! It has been a long journey but finally we did it: Yalp android mobile is live (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.yalp.app). We are very proud of it and we want to… Read More

We have just released a new direct integration to YouTube A.P.I. Starting from now, you can search YouTube songs directly from yalp.io search bar. Simple and fast. When you start to digit, we send your request to YouTube’ servers and you instantly get results within yalp.io. The next step is to click on the tune… Read More

We just released a new update of yalp.io. We are able to estimate the time signature of the music that you want to play. Upload the mp3 or paste the YouTube URL as usual and if correctly calculated we show the Estimated Time Signature. Are you ready to play your next 5/4 music track?… Read More

Music is a social activity. That’s why we added to yalp.io a “print music” functionality! Mr Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) once said: When I think about kids watching a TV show like American Idol or The Voice, then they think, ‘Oh, OK, that’s how you become a musician, you stand in line for eight… Read More

Paraphrasing a famous song, we have just added a very cool feature to learning and practicing music on www.yalp.io.   Starting from now you can adjust the speed of the music without affecting the pitch: just push the arrows up & down to change it. So if you wanna learn a very difficult song, now you can… Read More

It has been a good year for music industry. Bruno Mars made us all dance with Uptown funk, Taylor Swift received 14 nominations in 13 categories, Ed Sheeran has been streamed a lot on Spotify and the world remembered Amy Winehouse after the release of “Amy”, the documentary about her life. The yalp.io most played tracks… Read More