One day, Johnny Cash met June Carter; the rest is history. Even the dawns of this love story that has indelibly affected country music are dense with curious anecdotes. First of all, as the same June said, it was nothing less than the King of rock, Elvis Presley, who intrigued the singer and composer about… Read More

George Jones

We have already stated how popular country music is, especially in the US. Today we are talking about Frozen Heart, a song by George Jones, an artist considered one of the most important players of American country music, almost a legend.   A life of true country man George Jones is Texan in everything and… Read More

Rodney Scott Carrington, born in 1968, is an American all-round artist: singer, actor, composer. He was born and raised in Texas. There he also performed his first works on radio as a comic actor.┬áThe origin of the comicality later found in his original songs, often used as soundtrack of his shows. As a good Texan,… Read More