When we talk about Lord you are good, we talk about gospel. The word means the word of Lord, and everyone knows that it is church music. Originally from the 1930s, it’s a musical form born in South American churches. An evolution of songs in the hard work fields, where slaves found comfort in the music they sang. The same music they brought to their churches on Sundays. Precisely because of this origin, gospel music has become a spiritual music in general over time, especially in America. Today it is also sung by people of different faith from the Catholic one and perceived more as a spiritual genre.

The gospel modules

Although today gospel has been enriched with many musical nuances typical of blues and jazz, originally this style’s songs were very simple. Their structure was based on the contraposition of the parts of a soloist (almost a speech) and the choral parts. This, in practical terms, also served to give a rhythm for working in the fields.

Todd Galberth

Todd Galberth is originally from North Carolina. As a teenager, he attended churches where in a short time became a motivational leader, encouraging devotion in the churchgoers. Nothing easier than doing it through music and religious hymns. For some time he also worked as a theatre actor but today he is a pastor in Greneville, North Carolina. He understood that the music is only another way to be close to God.

Lord you are good

Lord you are good contains all the exuberance and contagious force of gospel music. The version recorded in 2016 has become the best-selling digital gospel song in the world in 2016. Nevertheless, Galberth would like to point out that

“God is looking for a worshiper, not a song. A worshiper does not need a song, but a song always needs a worshiper “.