Your Song is amongst Sir Elton John‘s most famous songs, if not the most one.

Released in 1970 in the eponymous second album by English singer-songwriter. Piano, as in many Elton John’s songs, is the great and regal player. It opens and closes the song, giving it an effective but linear and clean structure.

Your Song by Elton John

It’s impossible not to notice the imposing orchestral arrangement that gives the opera a baroque, solemn and melancholic atmosphere. As in all Baroque art, also on a musical level, this term indicates the affirmation of powerful values recognizable by anyone. A kind of realism based on full and distressing aspects. The whole album containing Your Song has this musical characteristic of fullness and imposing orchestration.


Despite these structural characteristics, Your Song has been written in just 10 minutes, as often reported in Sir John’s interviews. On 27th of October 1969. For Elton John it’s his most beautiful love song ever. Lyrics, not written by Elton John but by Taupin, were also written on the same morning, immediately after breakfast. Sir John considered Taupin a very sentimental person. Taupin was not really talkative, and like all the people with these characteristics, he was able to write rare and unforgettable words. A love song in all respects. And since Elton knew well the personal story of Taupin, the music was written with particular care and gentleness. He respect  that love that he did not want to be awakened.

Your song

For these characteristics and the passionate interpretation of its author, Your song became a sort of symbol of all love songs, with capital L. The song  was used on many important occasions. One of the most recent has been the marriage of William and Kate. Your Song was the first song they danced to after getting married. Certainly an act of gratitude to Elton John, a great friend of William’s mother Diana. For her he sang Candle in The Wind at her funeral, another moving classic of the English singer-songwriter.