Rodney Scott Carrington, born in 1968, is an American all-round artist: singer, actor, composer. He was born and raised in Texas. There he also performed his first works on radio as a comic actor. The origin of the comicality later found in his original songs, often used as soundtrack of his shows. As a good Texan, the musical genre to which it indissolubly matches is country music.

Country Music

Let’s have a better look at this genre of music that is very popular in America, much more so than in the rest of the world! Country music, also called western, is the fusion of mottos and popular music.It contains influences of traditional South American music and Irish duets. Banjo and violin mixed in a folk style. In the 1960s, in Nashville, Tennessee, country music became a real mass production and popular industry. Under the direction of producers such as Paul Cohen, Bob Ferguson the sound brought country music to a diverse audience and helped revive country as it emerged from a commercially fallow period.


Don’t tell my wife

Considering the date of birth of country music, Rodney Carrington is part of the so called country neo traditional.  Pop music  was invading the world. Neo traditional country since the 90s did not suffer any fascination of pop. A country music very adherent to the original.  In Don’t tell my wife Rodney Carrington speaks ironically about a man who cheats his wife with dancers. We always should consider that both musical genre and natural predisposition of Rodney have a tendency to play down. Rodney sees things with irony and a certain overbearing, typical of cowboys. Other themes typical of the actor/composer are often linked to daily life in church, in family in most common moments. Obviously with a comic and easy play attitude. Rodney was, however, married for almost 20 years with the same woman – Terri – from whom she had three children.