It was the 90’s. Aerosmith were already a very successful band. But in addition to their unmistakable musical style, they also managed to make their mark with video clips. Considering that, in the 80s, women in the videos were ‘used’ mostly as mannequins or beautiful dolls: video as Crying and Crazy have really revolutionised the female world, giving it that brazen but delicious girl power, where from passive models become actresses and directors of the lives of boys, which in turn are in the process of transformation into nerds.

Aerosmith in a recent shot

Didn’t Steven know Liv was his daughter yet?

Crazy’s video was released in 1994. Legend has it that at the time Liv Tayler didn’t know yet that she was the daughter of Steven, the Aerosmith’s leader and that he chose her to work alongside Alicia Silverstone (already the star of two of their videos) having noticed her in a commercial. But many say that this was just news invented to create greater expectation for the video and the song. The similarity between father and daughter is, however, remarkable.
Crazy, released on the Get a Grip album, was written by Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry and songwriter and producer Desmond Child.

A shot of Crazy videoclip

The “Crazy” music

Musically the song Crazy is considered a power ballad. The precursor of this genre is identified in Ray Charles, with his soul songs, but then brought to its definition by Joe Cocker. Many have noticed similarities with the previous track Crying.
Both songs are mid-tempo blues tunes with lead harmonica. They obviously share titles that are single, two-syllable words starting with the letter “C.”

Both songs’ music videos star Alicia Silverstone, though only one of them has Liv Tyler. The video currently has 419,983,431 views, which are not exactly breadcrumbs. A perfect mix of the band’s rock rebellion and a winning commercial idea.