Arnold George Dorsey alias Engelbert Humperdinck is an artist with a very particular career, which we want to remember. Born in Chennai in 1936, he has done most of his work in America where he has climbed the hits several times. However, remains one of the artists who selling more records in the UK. His melodic music is part of the pop or easy listening genre. It’s a kind of ambient music. An evolution of orchestral performances that has taken hold since the 1950s. This is essentially to be sure that the songs had a more efficient format for the radios that grew up. The radio was probably the main instrument of artistic communication and popularization in the 1950s.

Engelbert was also an actor.¬† We are happy to remember his participation in the 80’s Love Boat series.

Friend Elvis

Having said that, it is easy to understand who Engelbert’s inspiration was: the legendary Elvis Presley, the King.

Presley and Humperdinck were also good friends in life. Both met frequently in Las Vegas, performing for big hotels. Engelbert has officially declared that Elvis was his greatest mentor. He sayd that he first of all learned humility from him. He was also very impressed by the fact that Prisley looked at people straight in their eyes, a sign of great sincerity.

“If you have to steal, do it from the best” said Engelbert.

Engelbert and Elvis the King

Can’t you see

Can’t you see is a recent song, considering Engelbert’s long career. It was released, in fact, for the first time in 2007 in the album The Greaters hits and more, to the enthusiasm of the old fans who, in addition to the historical pieces, have been honored with some new. The album also features a famous cover of the Italian song by Tony Renis ” Quando Quando Quando”. Can’t you see¬†fully reflects Engelberg’s style. The lyrics also recall the melodic 50s. It is the story of a lost and tormented love. You can also hear all the nostalgia typical of Elvis’s songs.