Composers of Tight Pants, title track of the homonymous 2005 album, are without a doubt the hottest and most promising band in Germany. I am obviously talking about the Boozed. Authentic, strong and virile sounds that merge rock music, old Rolling Stone with a hint of Ac/Dc. All harmonized with a soul sound and the use of Hammond organ.

A particular organ

Let’s start by explaining what Hammond organ is and what its sonic peculiarities are. The instrument was designed by Laurens Hammond, hence its name. Hammond organ is electric and was originally intended to replace the imposing and expensive organs in churches. However, thanks to its spurred and peculiar sound it became much used among rockers, almost a cult instrument for them. Surely for the Boozed who make of it almost a distinctive characteristic of their music. In the 1970s, this organ was used by rockers such as Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Rick Wright (Pink Floyd), Tony Banks (Genesis).

Tights Pants

The German Boozed album Tights Pants was released in 2005. The guys joined in 2001, initially as AC/DC cover band. But it didn’t take long to create a strong audience in Germany and tailor their music. The album Tights Pants, published by Bitzcore, was quite successful outside Germany. But it has not yet made them known to a broad audience.

The song

Musically speaking, Tights Pants is remarkable for the long punk/blues guitar solo in the middle of the song. The rhythm is very tight and fast, and recalls the lyrics of the song itself, where a guy shouts out for the girl wearing tight and sexy pants. Boozed are now getting used to big festivals in Germany. As written in their biography, having started to play together at the age of 16, it can be said that they were fed with the milk of their mothers on rock’ n roll.