Arnold George Dorsey alias Engelbert Humperdinck is an artist with a very particular career, which we want to remember. Born in Chennai in 1936, he has done most of his work in America where he has climbed the hits several times. However, remains one of the artists who selling more records in the UK. His… Read More

Free Ride is a song  written by Daniel Hearl Hartman. Danny for everyone, was an American producer, musician and singer. Born in 1950 he died in 1994 from an AIDS-related brain cancer that he had contracted years earlier. His private life remains a real mystery: he never got married, he had no children. Only when… Read More

We all know Crazy. Gnarls Barkley‘s song broke out in 2006 and became a worldwide success. It has been ranked among the best songs since the year 2000 by Rolling Stone magazine. They placing it in first place. What do we really know about this track? Let’s start by saying that the American duo Gnarls… Read More

Is it possible to turn a Sanremo’s Festival success into an international hit? With Our Song, Cbs tried it, entrusting the task a young Robert Plant. Plant, barely nineteen, accepted the challenge. So it was that La Musica è Finita (music is over), written in 1967 by Franco Califano and Nicola Salerno on the music… Read More

Finest Worksong is the third single taken from the album Document, released by R.E.M. in 1987, at the height of their success. They entered Euro charts for the first time with The One I Love, the first single from Document. It’s well known the name R.E.M derives from the initials of Rapid Eye Movement, the… Read More

Mrs Robinson is a song written by Paul Simon on purpose as soundtrack of 1967 movie The Graduate. A young Dustin Hoffman plays the role of Benjamin Braddock, a recent college graduate who is seduced by his neighbor, an older woman called Mrs  Robinson. Only later he will realize he actually is in love with… Read More

Purple Rain is Prince‘s second album, published in 1984 it contains the famous title-track and was used as soundtrack of the homonymous movie performed by the artist himself. A worldwide musical and cinematographic success. The movie was rewarded with an Oscar for the best soundtrack and the album remained for 24 weeks at the top… Read More

Under Pressure Let’s talk about Freddie Mercury and the amazing Under Pressure. It was published in 1981 signed by The Queen and David Bowie. Later was part of 1982 Hot Space album and reached #1 in UK. The birth of the song Try to imagine a recording studio where eclectic characters such as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury… Read More

Back to Black is the third single from the homonymous album by Amy Winehouse, her second and sadly last album published by EMI in 2006. She tragically died on July 23, 2011, in her house in Camden Town – a neighborhood in London she was very bound to and where she was living. Her death… Read More