Yeald, the album by Pearl Jam released in 1998, the fifth of the US band in Seattle, immediately triggered a lot of controversy. Italy was also involved. After receiving a copy of a book in Italian with the translation of Yeald’s texts, printed by a well-known specialized publishing house, Vedden complained about the quality of… Read More

Yalp is the first in the World chords recognition android app based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) with a full access to a database of hundreds of thousands songs. Cool! It has been a long journey but finally we did it: Yalp android mobile is live ( We are very proud of it and we want to… Read More

  The Tonnetz –  a tone network Leonhard Euler was the first to describe the relationships among pitches by using a network called the Tonnetz  [1]. Although this structure has been largely generalised, see for instance [2,3], the original idea was to create a diagram mirroring the acoustical proximity of pitch classes (pitches modulo octave) of the chromatic… Read More